Monday, April 23, 2007

The Real McKoy

McKoy Creek is just a few hours outside of Porland. Rob and i left hood river at the break of dawn after stopping by for a few bagels and a cup of joe. Departing from Hood River, we wouldn't have known when the sun rose due to the seasonal showers. Rob hydroplaned all the way to Portland where i locked my keys in my car in order to give him time to grab a new pair of snoes for his Civic. Around the time that the AAA man arrived we recieved workd that our first choice had flooded causing us to call an audible. So, we chose McKoy Creek. No one had ever been here, but it sounded like fun. And so, the adventure begins.....

1 comment:

hanny said...

Whoooo! Nice blog and pics! I'm so happy your enjoying Hood River! Ciao

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