Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MAYU- Ecuador needs your support

It's the season of giving and here at Team Swain the top of our list to give to is a project that would help bring a little exposure to a place that is very special to us.

Matt Terry of the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute (E.R.I.), has been fighting to protect the rivers of the upper Amazon River basin free flowing for over two decades. He has done so with very little funding and no recognition. His approach has always been to educate the community first and present them the tools to protect the resources that they depend on.

In the past few years as in many other nations in South America, the pressure is on in Ecuador. Construction has begun on the Rio Topo, in Banos, and one of the greatest tragedies is a dam on the Quijos river below the beautiful San Rafeal falls.

The project is called MAYU which is the Kichwa word for "river". Once the project has been funded a film would be produced to bring a little exposure to the work of E.R.I. to help fund future projects. It could be the difference of Ecuador remaining one of the most in-tact, biologically diverse regions in the world, or an environmental disaster.

Click this>>Here is the link.
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