Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gone Fishin...

Last week Keel Brightman and I decided to do a little fishin. We were both fed up with the crowds (one guy was parked where we wanted to go fishin). So we decided to paddle down one of our favorite little brooks and see how the fishing was deep in the gorge. After running a few miles of contious whitewater we finnally arrived at the first small pool. We both landed nice size rainbow trouts on our second casts. We fished the river for about five hours and were surprised to discover how strong the fish were. After a while the sun retreated and so did the elusive Rainbow trout that we were hunting. Great day!

Pictures: Above: taking advantage of a small pool below the Equine hole. Below: Notice that sweet pool, Keel running Chimney Rapid. Keel, hunting below Turkey bone falls. All photos taken on the Big Black Chinook River.

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