Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Source.....

Sometimes...a few quick breathes is all it takes to restoke ones inner fire. And it is those same bursts of air that keep the fire burning hot all year...

The Green River runs all year, and for many, offers a constant theatre to perform a few acts of fluid aggression. The green is not necessarily a destination....but the Source.

Therefore, we at Team Swain will continue to contribute visual tributes to that little furnace down in Hendersonville..... we refer to as the Source.

Pictures: (above) Nick, executing a proper entrance_Bride of Frankenstein (below. top-bottom) Eric, floating toward the sun. "Hey nick heads up.....yeah, i know.... it gets steep down there."_ Jason, making his way through the flats. Nick and Jason sharring prawn recipes. Jason heading for powerslide. Nick, collecting nuts for winter_ flying squirrel line. the factor.

Ravens Fork, NC

There is no better place to be in the fall than Western NC...We are very proud of this. And if ones desire is to witness the fine fall foilage that is presently in full bloom, there are a couple of destinations that one might not find in the average guide book. We took the opportunity to do a bit of leaf watching at one of our favorite locations. It started out as just another warm fall day. It was in the upper 70's, sunny, and we had recieved several inches of rain the evening prior. As it turned out, we weren't the only folks trying to embrace the fall colors. When we arrived at the Ravens Fork Trailhead, there were a baker's dozen of the usual suspects. The water had dropped out a lot quicker than was anticipated, but no one cancelled their tour despite having minimal water. here are a few leaf shots...Enjoy!

Pictures: (above) Joe Barkley, doing what he does best...making s#$t look easy_Big Boy. Joe, low water put-in. Steven_Razor Back. Nick, taking a gander_Big Boy. Jared, amongst it_Big Boy. Steven Matz.

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