Monday, June 14, 2010

Yuba Gap Big Kimshew Double Header

A few weeks ago I had one of my best weekends in Cali to date. I got to run what I would consider some of the best day runs California has to offer: Yuba Gap and Big Kimshew.

After having left the state for about two weeks to return to the Southeast for a work commitment, I was anxious to get back on the water. Fortunately, my first weekend back coincided with a release of Yuba Gap as well as the first few days of Big Kimshew for the season.

Yuba Gap was only releasing 200cfs which we were told was low but still good and worth doing for such a rarely gotten run. After having done it, I would completely agree with this assessment. While it wasn't the easiest day Ive ever had (because of the low water there were lots of extra portages) it was still one of my better days of kayaking in California. The rapids were big and challenging and lots of fun all at the same time.

A chill but cool rapid on Yuba Gap

After getting off Yuba Gap I was initially thinking there was must no way I could put on another class 5+ river the next day as I was totally worn down. But after a couple of beers on the drive back to get our cars, I quickly pepped up and realized being tired was no excuse for missing Big Kimshew, one of the more elusive runs in California. So with that it mind I followed the crew back to Chico for dinner and drinks and a plan to go into Kimshew the following morning.

I cannot say enough good things about that run. Its big (with two 40+ foot rapids), its clean (with no mandatory portages and only two commonly portaged rapids) and absolutely beautiful.

Me firing into Big Kimshew Falls (Photo by Darin McQuoid)

Jonas hitting his boof at the top of Big Kimshew Falls

Darin lining up for Frenchy's Forty
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