Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nantahala Cascades

Not much to say about this one except it is the creeking training grounds for the lucky folks that live in Wesser, NC. It is roadside fairly safe and can be swam (I have proven this). If you cared to know I am in the yeller boat (el hefe). I stomp this run, only cause it has painfully stomped me in the past.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sometimes just getting there is a bitch!

Ok so here's the rundown. It started with a sidewall blowout at 10PM the night before. I had to meet Kevin in Asheville at 9 am so it was an early start to buy a tire the next morning. Changing a flat in 20 degree weather that night was pretty sweet. Finally replaced the tire the next morning by 8am and was just a little behind schedule. Then at a gas station in Hampton, TN, I rear-ended a little 16 year old redneck kids new truck. Kinda reminded me of myself. Anyway talked him into dealing with it the good ole boy way. Just shelled out about $550 on that one and that's all I really want to say about that.

One more item worthy of mention. My lights would not turn off, so dead battery at the take-out. Knew this was coming. Being in a spastic frenzy trying to focus on the run to come, I left my camera in the car along with all of my safety equipment. Sorry pics are gonna be light, thanks Kevin for pulling thru again.

On to the Watauga river, which really kicks some ass. Arguably one of the best runs in the Southeast. Its about 5 miles of class IV with not much flat water. Kinda reminds me of some stuff in Ecuador. Below is knuckles one of the more consequential rapids on the run, pin potential high if found off-line.

Scout approaching Nuckles, By Kevin Mitchell Scout gettin his lean on, Stateline Falls by Kevin

The photo above is stateline falls, climax/highlight of the run. This is how you get to "Tennessee the Hard way". -Watauga Phil from kevin

Over & out - scout
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