Sunday, April 01, 2007

Northwest Update

Spring is upon us....Last week i had the opportunity to spend a few days in Hood River, OR. The main priority of this trip was the acquisition of suitable housing. looking for a new hook to hang your hat on can be a timely process. and results in a lot of good ole fashion phone tag. Luckily, some of the gorges ambassadors knew some great places to spend the day waiting....

DAY 1....The east fork of the hood flows directly from the glaciers on Mt. Hood. The warm spring weather created great water levels and made for a beautiful day. the sun was out, the air was warm, and the water.... was really cold. Arriving at the put-in i discovered that i had left my poggies(neoprene hand warmers) in my car. Being naive and excited i declined Shawn and Andy's multiple offers to drive back to the take out to retrieve my poggies. I have re vowed never to forget my poggies again. After a few long rapids the glacial water had numbed my hands to the point that i was not able to grip my paddle. It is a weird sensation when the water is so cold that your hands don't actually get cold; they just cease to function and eventually get hot. that is when it is time to get out. I finished the run with both my hands about six inches off the center of the paddle. the narrow grip was designed and popularized in the pre poggie era. and very rarely brought back. After the first run i was able to retrieve my poggies and make another run with my preferred grip width.

DAY 2...Lower Trout Creek eventually dumps into the Upper Wind River offering a great run that collectively is almost one long rapid that dramatically increases in volume. Another great sunny day in the Columbia River Gorge.

DAY3....Panther Creek also flows into the Wind River. Panther Creek is little bit steeper, but offers the same type of Geology as Trout creek. the lower wind has great big water rapids a long with a big fish ladder rapid. Shawn and I lacked dry suits and subsequently opted to portage the rapid via a very steep ledge. Andy, being the savvy paddler that he is opted for option number one and just jumped off the cliff below the rapid.

Photos:(above)Teams Swain Hood River Ambassador, Shawn Lonin. Panther Creek(t-b) Shawn "big red" Lonin entering a nameless rapid, Panther Creek. Andy Round above the Flume, L. Wind River). The Flume. A.R. Beyond Limits, L. Wind. Fish Ladder Portage Option #2. Fish Ladder Portage option #1. gotta love the run out, heading for the CRG.


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awsome blog, I check it often, My brother in law lives in Darrington, Washington. What rivers are there and go to go in June, July and August. This is Chuck in Atlanta

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