Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring in the Southeast

We got the gift of a few inches of rain to kick March off, and a couple of nice sunny days to follow. So of course that means you have to go kayaking. I am supposed to be competing in the TVF(total vertical feet) competition here in the southeast, but I had no team members to boat with. Instead I teamed up with a few of the local boy's who don't pass up the chance to go enjoy themselves.

We headed to the Overflow because it's a hard one to pass up when it's running. Five miles of big fun rapids. Here are a few of the good ones in the photo's you will notice Adam Hunter, WNC local pretty much stomping a few rapids.

We had a great crew, good water, and a sunny day. It does'nt get much better than that especially when you are enjoying it in a place like this.

Here is another Swain County boy, Joe Barkley looking into the Great Marginal Monster, deciding which way he is going to fire it up.

The next day we headed to the north along the TN-NC border for another southeast classic run.
The Watauga, with another great crew and plenty of people to share the occasion. The one downfall to the day were the 50mph wind gust.
Here's Scout trying not to get blown off line in Hydro.

Kevin Mitchell, enjoying himself on the Watauga.

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Jason Aytes said...

Yeah Boys, sorry I'm missing out but I've been out a bit here too. Looks like perfect water levels in the SE, Yip-eeee!

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