Tuesday, June 02, 2009

California Trip Report: The Kaweah and Sequoia National Park

The put-in slide on Hospital Rock of the Kaweah

After our epic overnight mission on Dinkey Creek we were ready for a bit mellower single day run and decided to head a bit more South to the Kaweah drainage in Sequoia National Park. Upon arrival we found the water to a bit high. Unfortunatley that meant that we would not be able to get on the East Kaweah anytime soon, but it did make the Hospital Rock section of the Kaweah on the high side of good which made for an awesome day.

Brooks Saucier getting ready to go

Brooks hitting his boof

Scouting the 4-20 gorge

Me at the bottom of the 4-20 gorge

Beautiful Kaweah rapids

The following day we decided to head out of town because it was looking like it would take the East Kaweah a while to come in, but decided to head back into the Sequoia National Park to check out the big trees and beautiful scenery.

The scene from the top of our hike in the Sequoia National Park

Hanging out on the hike

The big brown bear we ran into in the park

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