Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tales from the Island of Vancouver..

This past week the west coach branch of Team Swain took the opportunity to travel north and spend a relaxing week creeking on Vancouver Island. Recently, there has been a flurry of excitement about Vancouver Island as a premiere creeking destination and as long as you have a bit of time, the "island" offers unlimited opportunities. We began heading north on Sunday and arrived in Port Renfrew the next morning. Port Renfrew is located on the south central west coast of the island and is home to several of the Islands classic runs. Before leaving Hood River we anxiously watched as a large storm moved towards the mainland, and we assumed that we would recieve a neccesary dose of rain allowing us to explore some of the more rain dependent drainages. As luck would have it, most of that storm proved to be in the form of snow. The weather on the Island always seemed to be in flux turning a heavy snow storm into bluebird sunshine faster than a squirell on a hot tin roof.

Vancouver Island is absolutely stunning and I look forward to returning very soon.

For a full trip report check out:

Photos:(Above) Sunset from Port Renfrew, B.C. (Below) The water was clear. Ryan Scott entering the Middle Gordon. Austin, Todd, and Jay waiting in the pit. Todd Baker exiting Terminator. 20 feet deep? Todd heading into City Limits (sequence). Sunset from the tidal pools. Morning coffee. "its snowing!". Heading in to the MIddle Gordon. Round Two, Jay Entering the Middle Gordon (sequence). Austin and Christie taking a look at the long one. Rob Bart breaking left. Rob exiting the middle Gordon. "How bout a cold one, eh?"

Photos courtesy of: Josh McKeown, Kim Russell, Christina Russell, Johnathan Ramsey, and Christie Glissmeyer


Anonymous said...

Feeling envious...


Jason McClure said...

Awesome Jay, nothing like some good rapids to warm you up on a cold day.

Jay Gifford said...

Jason, I agree. Nick U. and some of the boys from GA just got in town, so we have been showing em around the P N Dub!

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