Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Hungry & the Summer 200

Its been 90 degrees (balls hot) lately here in the southeast, with many of the rivers about to dry up completely. Even the tubing is getting manky. So off to the green narrows last Sunday for a low summer 100 release. Once at the put-in we were told of 4 inches of rain the night before. I thought that explains the small creeks in peoples yards with grass all laid down in the flow. It was looking like I was going to get to pop my Green 2-hunge cherry, with a big hungry entrance. Not many photos cause things were moving a little fast, but here a few:Joe B going somewhat left.Top hole of Zwicks

And then the camera died cause I hadn't been creeking in months, and the battery was not charged. Sorry, will make up for it next time.

1 comment:

Jay Gifford said...

Yeah boys...the ole surprise two hundy. I notice joe is wearing just a cotton t-shirt. quite jealous. And remember, charge the batteries next time.

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