Monday, July 02, 2007

L-Dub 2.4

The Little White Salmon is begining to get really low, but we have still been getting out there and having a lot of fun. Ryan Scott, of CRG Video recently posted a short edit from the past few days. You can take a look at "LW 2.4" at


All Photos courtesy of CRG Video.


Scout said...

Val said...

Hey Jay! Looks like you are still having fun out there. Im still in the area, call me sometime!

Otter Boy said...

My name is Bryon Scruggs. I'm a paddler based in Seattle and have just started an online kayaking magazine at I'd like to set up a link exchange with your blog. If that works for you I can be reached at

Here is my links page now:

- Bryon

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