Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Settling into Oregon

Beautiful skies ahead as Jay and I travel from North Carolina to Bend, Oregon. The skyline here in Oregon is awesome and Oregon has some awesome sunrises and sunsets.

Here is a photo of our snowy hide-a-way for the winter. Jay and I are enjoying this log cabin. Did I mention it has a hot tub? The compound has one main cabin and another cabin that is similiar to a studio apartment. We also have a little wood working area that we use for storage and a big wood shed. The national forest boundary is only about 50ft away from the cabin.

A snow hut that Jay and I made. Jay had the design idea and now all we need is more snow. We built this thing when we first got here thinking we would have lots of snow. Mt Bachelor has gotten a good amount of snow however the "snow" hut could use another dump or two.

We have a wood burning stove and have been chopping lots of firewood. It is better than a gym membership. Jay and I have found out that if you have a wood burning stove you will stay in shape. We chop wood a couple of afternoons a week.

One of the many snowy days at Mt Bachelor. We had lots of early season snow but recently we have been having blue bird days.

Two of our new friends from Brazil who are living here for the winter.

Hannah waiting to shred the slopes at Mt Bachelor on a blue bird day.

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