Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Source.....

Sometimes...a few quick breathes is all it takes to restoke ones inner fire. And it is those same bursts of air that keep the fire burning hot all year...

The Green River runs all year, and for many, offers a constant theatre to perform a few acts of fluid aggression. The green is not necessarily a destination....but the Source.

Therefore, we at Team Swain will continue to contribute visual tributes to that little furnace down in Hendersonville..... we refer to as the Source.

Pictures: (above) Nick, executing a proper entrance_Bride of Frankenstein (below. top-bottom) Eric, floating toward the sun. "Hey nick heads up.....yeah, i know.... it gets steep down there."_ Jason, making his way through the flats. Nick and Jason sharring prawn recipes. Jason heading for powerslide. Nick, collecting nuts for winter_ flying squirrel line. the factor.


Anonymous said...

You guys kick butt!!! Jay, Hood River is only about 2.5 hours from Bend. I go down there a lot to go climbing at Smith. Call me!!!!!
Val Vanderpool

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay
Great Blog and Photos.
Thanks for calling,one day I will manage to get back to you.

So your moving to Bend ! When ? Lets go run the Little White as soon as you get here.
All is good here, had a great trip to Tibet- if I ever get my act together I will put some shots of that trip on the Blog at the moment I am still stuck in Tena in blog world !
Hope your doing well and getting some water.
Andy Round

Cooper Lambla said...

jay, could you shot me an e-mail ASAP?

I was hoping to get a shot of me you took, thanks a bunch man!
-Cooper Lambla

shawn lonon said...

what up jay? this is big red lonon in hood river. mitchell tells me you are moving to bend. sick!!! mt. bachlor, the sisters. and mirror pond pale ale! give my a call at 541-386-3310 or email hope to see ya soon. ps what's conan wilmont up too?

mvba said...

hey Jay Matt from the mot valley NZ here good to see youre still living the good life, be good to get intouch again give me an email at
would be good to see you back over this way sometime. Matt

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