Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Negotiations cease, as fighting continues

Negotiations ceased today, as fighting continues in the once Incan capital of Cusco. It is expected that fighting will continue throught the weekend, and there has been speculation that the level of terror will remain elevated potentially through next week. This weekend most shops are expected to be closed, due to the expected level of terror that is suspected to cover this city like a wet blanket. Stores are being overwhelmed by the demand of such items as shaving cream, and water balloons.....
Carnival has been in full swing which is a very exciting time to be in South America.
despite the heavy fighting, we have been able to exit the city and enjoy some of the rivers that surround Cusco. Though most of the classic canyons are still to high there are some sections that are managable at high water. So, the Vilacanova has been the staple. In a few days, we are heading to Arequipa

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Mom said...

A believable story, yes....but not as totally captivating as the "parasite" story!

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