Friday, January 20, 2006

Jungle update

So we have been in Tena for a week or so, and have been having a blast. There are so many rivers in this region that it is a bit overwhelming. One of the first nights we arrived, a local friend named Tobias, arranged a full moon rafting trip on the Jatunyacu. The trip started with a bit of skepticism, due to the fact that the moon was completely veilded by heavy storm clouds. We went anyway, and as we arrived at the river the clouds burned off creating a white canvas for the moon. The reflection was very bright, as we cruised through the jungle. The Jatunyacu river sits athe the base of the Llanganatis, which provided an incredable backdrop. and for history buffs, one might recall that this is the region that the Incan Empire is belived to have built a city of gold to honor el sol. As we sat in the moon Tobias´s wife, Lindsey, translated a series of mythological stories along with personal encounters he had in the region.

It had been raining almost everyday, which helped maintain most of the river levels giving us a wide variety of creeks to explore. We paddled the upper Misahualli several times, traveling to the Jondachi between. My first trip to the Jondachi almost crossed the threshold into misadventure. We put on with great water levels, after spending a few days waiting for the water to drop to a managable level. After putting on, we were greeted with torrential rains that subsequently caused the river to flash. upon entering the main upper gorge the rain came creating waterfalls of mud that seem to come from everwhere. plummeting from two hundred feet. it was very dramatic and caused the river double in just a few minutes. not sure when surge would stop, we excercised our only option. And began bombing down stream in tight formation. Eventually the rain stopped and the river leveled out. and we were going so fast that by the time we reached the take-out the water was clear again. We paddled the Jondachi again yesterday and had a much more mellow trip. Jason, Ryan, Gynner, Matt, and myself took our time and enjoyed the incrediable beauty that exists inside the gorge.


stacy said...

Looks and sounds amazing! I'm so happy that you guys are having a great time!

sanne said...

Hola Guys, that all sounds so awesome to me. Wish i could enjoy the country with all of you.
peace and "ja genau"
fired it up bro bras

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