Monday, December 19, 2005

Loving the Southern Hemishpere

As a member of Team Swain, please allow myself to introduce myself. My name is Jason and I also call Swain Co. home. I moved to Swain Co five years ago to work as a river guide and kayak instructor. I no longer work on the the river nor do I spend as much time as I would like in Western NC. Now days I'm traveling more than being at home.

Last Winter I had the opportunity to work and play in the country of New Zealand. NZ was on the top of my, "list," due to its pristine beauty and top-notch kayaking. I spent a total of three months splitting my time between work and play. I worked on the North Island for One and one-half months, then went south for one and one-half months of holiday/kayaking. The water levels were perfect and we had a solid group of people. After NZ I came home broke and sunburned. (just a personal goal of mine)

Day after I got back I was waiting tables in a restaurant I have done time in more than once. Luckily I found river work soon after back so I only spent one week waiting tables this time. In the spring I worked as a kayak instructor and also did some raft guide training. As soon as summer rolled around I met up with a German friend of mine and the two of us rolled out to Colorodo for a month of kayaking. This was a wonderful road trip, and it was a pleasure showing my international friends my home country. Susanne, my German friend, after Co decided she like the gorge (our little paradise in Swain Co) so much she would stay a little longer. I got to show Susanne the Southeastern U.S. I also showed her lots of local rivers, including the Green, and Overflow. I always enjoy showing a friend down a new run.

After the summer I started a new job as a school teacher for a kayaking highschool. This past semester we traveled to Canada, NZ, and all over the Eastern U.S. It was great to be back in NZ. On this trip I paddled several rivers that I didn't have the chance to on my first trip. Can't say enough good things about NZ. NZ is now over and I'm back home to see the boys in Swain Co. (That's why I'm writing this blog) After my winter holiday we are heading out to Chile. Chile is a place I have wanted to visit for an extended time now. Hopefully it will offer some nice adventures and epic kayaking. I also hope to bring home a little Spanish dialect. I'll drop a line and let you know how it's going. Until Next Time, Peace.

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sanne said...

thanks for showing me all the rivers and your little paradies. it was a pleasure to paddle with you.
take care
in love

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